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Bathroom Design Part 1: Boring Faucets are For Drips

By On February 1, 2017

There’s an old Kohler commercial from a few years back which sums up bathroom design perfectly. A woman walks into a high-end design studio and talks to an architect. The architect begins explaining,… Read More


5 Pieces Of Art That Add Function As Well As Beauty

By On October 24, 2015

Ever since 1883 when John Michael Kohler, an Austrian immigrant and U.S. metal worker, sprinkled some enameling powder on a cast iron pig trough, put feet on it, and sold it as… Read More


Vessel Sink Leaving You Drained?

By On October 22, 2015

No doubt over the past ten years one of the biggest trends in bathroom decorative plumbing has been the vessel sink. They can be one of the easiest ways to take your bathroom… Read More